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Where Hope is Found

November 18, 2011

This is the story of Idah, currently a client at Project Tariro who walks five miles each way twice a week to come to Tariro for help and training.

Idah is married with three children. Her fourth child, Shepherd died at the age 10. Idah was once separated from her husband because he took another woman, after six years he came back and they were reunited. They were tested and found to be HIV positive. They accepted their status and are on antiretroviral drugs. Her children are 18, 14, and 1 year old. Her one-year-old son is also on the anti-retroviral drugs.

In a recent interview with Idah she stated:

“I learned about Tariro when I came to the mission hospital to get the drugs. The nurse told me that Project Tariro helps patients how to live with HIV. I received lessons on positive living and how to accept the condition.”

“At Tariro, David, the horticulturist, taught me about gardening, gave me seeds and herb plants. Now, I grow vegetables and herbs at home and can sustain myself.”

“My favorite project is sewing. I hope to acquire a sewing machine since I love sewing, so I can then sew at home and sell my items. I enjoy making children’s clothes.”

“I would like to thank the visitors who have come, especially the women who are teaching sewing. I have gained a lot and hope that Project Tariro continues. I hope sponsors continue to support the project. May God bless you.”

Interview taken by Debbie Gara and Carly Fiske,October 17, 2011

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