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Holiday Giving

October 15, 2014

This fall, as the sounds of Christmas music fill the airwaves, and the stores beckon us to join what has become a commercialized frenzy, Project Tariro offers several ways for you to honor loved ones  to engage the true spirit of gift-giving by giving gifts that really make a difference—for some, a difference between hope and despair.

Calendar Pic

2015 Tariro calendars featuring the HIV+ clients of Project Tariro are now available for a donation at least $20.  Email your order to Paul Van Buren.

Or, you may choose from the following ways to provide direct assistance:

  • Purchase a rabbit or two laying chickens to help a graduating Project Tariro client generate family income and sustain a nutritious diet ($10 ea)
  • Supply a healthcare kit with first aid supplied to assist community healthcare workers ($35 ea)
  • Purchase cooking oil so community health workers can receive monthly supply ($12 ea)
  • Purchase one bolt of cloth, thread and needles for sewing class participants ($75 ea)

Donations are tax deductible.  Make your check payable to Project Tariro, with gift type specified in lower left corner. Mail to:

GBHEM Project Tariro
PO Box 440102
Nashville, TN 37244-0102

Option One-Green

Merry Christmas

Option Two-Red


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