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admin notes

These are notes to help those people managing or contribuing content to understand the strategies in place for this site.
1) pages, listed under HOW WE’RE ORGANIZED in right nav, are designed to present the meat-and-bones of HOW Project Tariro works

2) posts (in body of site) are designed to present the human impact of WHAT Project Tariro is achieving. Posts do not have gray sections like PAGES do.

3) if you don’t want a new page to be displayed in the right nav (this will be true for most new pages as they should be linked to a post and NOT featured in the right nav), “exclude” the page ID under Appearance/Widgets/Right Sidebar and click on “pages”. [To find this ID, go to PAGES (or POSTS) and hover over page/post title; grab the number after “?post=”. For example, the ID for this page is 274 and it has been excluded from displaying.]

4) posts have a template structure, and all new posts must follow this style guide:
     — font color of first words in lead paragraph = #800080
     — thumnail image
     — all posts end with a “explore more” link that promotes another of our pages
     — all posts end with either a horizontal bar that is a “donate” opportunity, or a horizontal bar the repeats site mission (‘hope restoring faith’)

5) this site is supported by a Flickr photo gallery — ensure to get good mileage by posting to Flickr often and linking to it from posts/pages here

6) World AIDS Day has been given a PAGE is Project Tariro wishes to promote it on an ongoing annual basis.   Paul’s note:  sounds like a good idea if we keep it up dated.

7) pages and posts should follow good SEO practices of:
        a) determine 2-3 unique keywords per post/page an use throughout content and in title, in any headings/subheadings, and in first paragraph;
        b) when a long post is unavoidable, break into 2 posts and link onward; and
        c) link to photo/video galleries in content/article (not just at end)

8) If you want to have grey sections, insert horizontal rules top and bottom, then highlight text and click ” button (viewing the HTML here may also help)

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