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home-based care

Project Tariro is hard at work, providing home-based care (HBC)

As persons affected by HIV/AIDS live longer, there is a growing need for assistance with care and support.The most common needs are for  emotional/spiritual support (counseling) followed by physical care (e.g., bathing, eating, dressing, using the toilet) and nursing  (e.g., pain management, treating wounds, taking medication). There is also a need for help with household chores  and someone to provide education on the disease.  While family members can provide some assistance, the bulk of counseling, care and transportation is provided by outside caregivers.

Who are HBC caregivers? The volunteer caregivers of Project Tariro play a major role in helping persons living with AIDS (PLWA) learn how to live positively with the disease. They are essential for holistic and effective community health systems in remote areas. In addition to providing emotional support and medical treatment they give instruction on growing home gardens, eating nutritional foods, coping with stigma, and developing home industries. They travel primarily by foot to remote rural villages to provide this assistance and may visit as many as 20 homes in a week. They receive no salaries or stipends but respond out of deep compassion for those who are infected.

Caregiver Kits: Each caregiver is provided a home-based care kit with basic essentials such as pain medication, treatments for prevention of TB and other opportunistic infections, calamine lotion, oral rehydration salts, nystatin, paracetamol, antibiotics, antifungal agents, vitamins and traditional herbs. They may also include basic dressings, scissors, rubber gloves, soap and food supplements.

Needs of HBC Caregivers:

Locally made shoes, hat, uniform, and waterproof bag              $ 68

Supplies for basic HBC Caregiver Kits                                                 $ 32

Bicycle or transportation expense                                                       $ 65
Other: Rain coat, umbrella, and paraffin lantern                            $ 10

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