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Client Profile – Edna Charara

Edna is 25. She has two children, one boy one girl, six years and one year three months.  Edna and her husband live with her mother and stepfather. She was married before and the first child is with his father.

What brought you to Project Tariro?

The main reason I came was because I was sick. I was advised to get medication and that is why my health has improved. My young child is also HIV positive and is on medication.

How else are you different now than when you came to Project Tariro?

I have gained a lot in sewing, and learning to sew appliqué. I learned how to make pads.

What is your hope for the next year?

These skills will help me improve the livelihood of my family, by continuing to learn things I will improve. I hope my husband will appreciate what I’ve learned. I hope to have a machine so I can make more projects at home.

Is there anything else you’d like to share within us?

I was depressed and quite sick and I lost some weight, but when I came to Project Tariro I was taught health issues and how to maintain myself. Thank you.

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