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ways to give

Creating a legacy of hope is only possible through donations from people like you. Support the work in a variety of ways:

Request a speaker for your team, civic group, or company

Speak Out & Become a FPT Advocate. We’ll supply you with the presentation materials you need to share with others. Or, sign up for action alerts to urge support. Advocacy makes a difference!

 Adopt a Wish [kitchen |clinic |education |garden] need with your ongoing support

Volunteer your time/expertise

Donate specific resources/wish list

The annual cost of the project is $90,000. Your support is urgently needed to move into Phases II that provides for home-based care and transport for rural clients.
Give through Africa University

Online: go to and click on “Give Now.” Then, choose “other” in the designation drop down menu which brings up a box to allow you to specify designation.  Click on “Special Projects.”  This will provide you a window for”Additional Information.” In that window you must specify under “Comments” that the gift is for Project Tariro.  After you enter and submit the billing information you will receive a receipt from AU Development Office indicating your gift was received for “Special Projects. ”   The process is complete.

Checks may be sent to the treasurer of Friends of Project Tariro, Anita Wood, DOM/GBHEM, P.O.Box 340007, Nashville, TN 37203.

Contributions to Project Tariro through UMCOR, Africa University, or GBHEM/ Friends of Project Tariro are tax deductible. YOUR contribution is needed and deeply appreciated!

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